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Rodolfo Graizani is visible seated in the the brand new workplace from inside the Addis Ababa

In regards to our broken ethical,I nurse afterThe race from Adwa,The above development Could well be a healthy dining.Slavish obedienceTo fascismIn EthiopiaWe shall advanceBe business Within our metal grip position.

Yes our subjects,Ethiopians, serfdom We will teachHence summoningAddis’ residentsTomorrowI need certainly to makeA huge message.And you will alsoI have a tendency to Coax priestsSlavish behavior so you’re able to usTo subtly preach.

Whether it is luring them with a beneficial goldOr threatening these with an effective swordUnflinchingly, religious management Tend to choose to become a beneficial sod.They’re going to call downOn your good curseIf you attempt to desecrate Their residence,(Pope Petros)The thing is that Preachers together with laityHave a bona-fide faithIn Jesus.Also toFight backThey are challenging.

Tomorrow sporting my personal uniform,Bedecked with medals,That it messageI often drive homeAlso this new footage I am able to send toMusoloni in Rome!

A good live messenger salutes and you will give your over a telegraph page claiming ” it’s from Benito Mussolini

We’re citizensBorn freeYield shall maybe not weTo your own crazy decreeHaven’t you readHow Emperor Twedros IILodged a good bulletInto his lead?To not quit!Why not lookAfter he battled hardWhy their lifestyle to your his handHe took.

To help you GraizianiAfter it turned into starkHe narrowly escapedA bomb attackAnd their message ofSubjugationIn Ethiopia isAn blank talk,Nevertheless for the floorHe bought assault.

? Scen III(Prior to the Yekatit a dozen Martyr’s monument a little man asks his father just how Ethiopians regained its liberty following the slaughter bought of the Griziani, whom following thriving the newest bomb assault, offered knowledge getting a cold blood retaliation.

Waging an excellent Guerilla fightShortly we shall obtain our proper”Setting-out away from a forest highWe enjoys patriotsThat hit fighters’ jets for the a dark colored air!”(Patriot Belaye Zeleke)

“Regarding the nook and you will crannyAnd all gorgeWe will wageMany brave fightEnemies fromOur soil in order to dislodge”(Geresu Dukie/Jagama Kelo/Abbebe W/Aregai/Omer Semeter/Balcha Abanefeso. )

The father dressing up your hair from their son and seeking your told you patriots you to definitely ambushed at the valleys and you will slopes from Ethiopia vowed to battle out invaders

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